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PageFactory lets you create unlimited landing pages for programmatic SEO.
Generate content from spreadsheet data, then download to your computer or publish directly to Wordpress. No coding required.

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How It Works

PageFactory allows you to target long tail, low competition keywords at scale. Content is created by applying a set of data to a template, allowing you to generate hundreds or even thousands of targeted landing pages in seconds.

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Let's work through an example.

Say you have 1,000 pages that each target unique, low competition, long tail keywords. With little competition, it's easy for targeted web pages to rank highly. Now imagine each long tail keyword gets 10, 20, or even 100 searches per month. 1,000 x 100? That's 100,000 unique searches per month.

With PageFactory, you can target thousands of keywords for a fraction of the time and effort it takes to write traditional long-form SEO content.

Publish to any website. No code required.

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