Getting Started

In order to generate content with PageFactory, you need two things: a spreadsheet of data, and a formula for the content you want to generate.

PageFactory works by applying spreadsheet data to your formula, and outputting the resulting content. This happens in two steps:

  1. Create a "template" in PageFactory: This is where you'll write the formula you want your content to follow.
  2. Apply spreadsheet data to the template: Upload your spreadsheet, and PageFactory will generate pages filled with content for each row in your spreadsheet. The spreadsheet must be saved in CSV format.

PageFactory currently has three template types: Wordpress, Webflow, and Custom.

  • Wordpress and Webflow templates allow you to publish programmatic content directly to your website.
  • Custom templates allow you to download the content to your computer.

If you want to use PageFactory to create content for a Website that isn't run with Wordpress or Webflow, you can use Custom templates to generate the content, download it, and then copy it over to your website.


Understand the Template Editor

Create Content with Webflow Templates

Create Content with Wordpress Templates

Create Content with Custom Templates

Issue & Feature Tracking

Want to know which features we're currently working on? Or when a bug will be fixed? Check out our public road map here.